ANF#322262130 314102301


W205 x H255mm

Acrylic and The care label on Disposed clothes

Last couple years, I have been thinking on the theme of fashion as my roots. Looking different from other Japanese ethnically I must change myself to wear the fashion adapted to the Japanese society. The fashion was a part of my body and was an essential existence for me. In 1990s, the influence of Street Fashion in Tokyo I had an opportunity to launch my own brand business when I became a member of society. I was blessed with fashion leaders and had a chance to hear a lots of fashion opinions. Due to the appearance of "fast-fashion" recently our value has been changed greatly. Those clothes were discarded when they got tired of. I was speechless by looking a pile of disposed clothes and came to an idea to make clothes which remain to the future generations as art pieces. The new series, "My name", was produced by the thought of uneasy. The work were produced to the same color of medium for disposed clothes. The care labels left on the clothes are the same ones as soldiers' dog tags (serial numbers) that prove they lived in this world. The care label reveals the history of cloth owner, a designer or people of produced country. Thier serial numbers listed on the care labels are printed on the silk-screen as thier names. As each of us get a social security number we can say that a cloth itself has a life.

ここ数年、自分のルーツであるファッションをテーマに考えてきました。人と違う外見の私が、日本の社会に適応するためにはファッションを着て変身する必要がありました。自分にとってファッションは体の一部であり、なくてはならない存在でした。90年代、東京のストリートファッションの影響をもろに受け、社会人になってからは自分でブランドを立ち上げる機会もありました。ファッションの諸先輩方にも恵まれ、たくさんのファッション論を聞く機会もありました。近年、ファストファッションの登場によって私たちの価値観は大きく変わりました。飽きたら捨てられる消耗品でしかない服たち。廃棄された服の山を前に絶句し、作品として後世に残る服を作れないか?という考えに至りました。悶々とした想いを作品化した新シリーズ「My name」。